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Get the best groupware in a highly reliable cloud environment.
Simple, reliable and able to support users from as low as 5 users to thousands of users.
  • グループウエアの導入に手間をかけたくない

  • ITの知識や経験が少ないスタッフが多く、専任管理者がおけない

  • 安心できるセキュリティ環境で運用した

  • ファイルの漏洩や不正なアクセスを防ぎたい

  • ​初期費用も運用コストもなるべく抑えたい

Issue 1 - I don't want to be bothered with on-site installation

With the cloud version, there is no need to set up an initial environment such as on-site software installation or server installation. You can use it from a PC or smartphone as long as you have an environment that connects to the Internet. With an easy-to-use interface, it can be used across any PC skills and generations without burdening the site. Because desknet's NEO is built on user experience and feedback, it allows new employees to grasp the "how" in using desknet's NEO in a short period of time. It can be used by all employees from their 20s to 70s as the portal screen is easily customized to suit the user


Issue 2. Our company doesn't have dedicated IT managers and our employees have limited IT skills

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Fret not as the groupware and the server will be maintained by us. This will allow our users to focus on the job and be worry free of maintenance. 

*For licensed plans, version upgrade work will be quoted individually.

Issue 3 - I want to operate in a secured environment

We have a highly reliable cloud platform backed by a proven track record.

Depending on the number of users and applications, it can be used by small organizations to large organizations with thousands of people without a hassle.


We also ensure that users information/data are stored in a high - security and dedicated environment.

Issue 4 - I want to prevent information leakage and unauthorized access

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With desknet's NEO, you have the ability to select your own security options.

In addition to SSL encryption during communication, we also offer options that support strict security policies. It can be done by restricting access to desknet's NEO applications and features only to authorized users.

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