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​desknet's cloud free trial service terms and conditions

Neoreka Asia Sdn.Bhd.


There are restrictions on the "desknet's cloud free trial service" (hereinafter referred to as the"free service") provided by the company.

Customers who subscribe to the free service (hereinafter referred to as"you") are deemed to have agreed to the restrictions set forth below.

(Scope of provision)

1. The contents of the service provided by the free service are as follows.

i. The number of registered users can be up to 50 users.

ii. The maximum available disk space is 1 (5GB) per environment.

iii. The option is only valid for SSL encryption, secure browser (no device authentication), travel expenses and expense settlement. Other security options and service is not available.

iv. The offer time will be 24 hours 365 days.(However, you may not be able to use the service temporarily due to maintenance etc).

(Expansion of the scope of provision)

2. If you would like to try the following services, please contact us from the inquiry form.Please note that a maximum of 3 business days will be required to be reflected in the trial environment.

i. Registration of more than 50 users.

ii. Sync for smartphones

iii. desknet's DB

(Guarantee of registration data)
3. The company does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or availability of the data registered from the beginning of the application, etc. provided by the free service, and the various types of data registered by the customer (hereinafter referred to as "registered data").

(Registration data migration)
4. You may not transfer or download the registration data to any other server or service.However, you can transfer the registration data to the production environment only when you can apply for official use.If you continue to use the trial environment as a production environment, please contact us 10 days before the trial period expires and apply for formal use within the trial period. (All the registration data of the trial environment will be carried over to the production environment. Please delete unnecessary data in advance because the data registered from the beginning to the application, etc. provided by the free service will also be subject to migration.)

(Deletion of registration data)
5. After the trial period expires, all registration data for the trial environment will be deleted.

(Limitations changed)
6. Restrictions on the provision of free services are subject to change without notice.The changed restrictions will take effect from the time they are posted on our website.

7. The Company shall not be liable for any damage incurred by the customer due to the above mentioned limitations in the use of the free service.


(Object and purpose of use)
8. The free service is intended for customers who are considering the introduction of desknet's cloud. It is not possible to use the service for any purpose other than that of the target company, or for purposes other than discussing the adoption of desknet's cloud. When the company deem it to be used for purposes other than the introduction examination, the provision of free services may be terminated without notice.


(Client tool agreement)
9. Customers who use the client tools (hereinafter referred to as"the software") agree that the notification and advertising functions implemented in the software will enable the company to deliver notifications and advertisements to customers via the internet.
The software collects the following information ("attribute information") from you and uses it to inform you, optimize the content of advertisements, and create statistical data for our services and product development.

i. Client ID (a random string generated during installation of  "desknet'S NEO client tool")

ii. Gender

iii. Age
iv. Location


The company will take the necessary measures to manage attribute information, and will not use it outside the scope of the purpose or disclose or leak it to a third party. However, if there is a request for disclosure from a government office pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations or an authority, the disclosure may be made to a destination pursuant to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations.

If you are installing a client tool module on a separate computer hardware, you must agree to a separate software license agreement.


(Application of the terms of use)

10. In addition to the above, the free service is provided pursuant to the provisions of "desknet's cloud service terms of use ("hereinafter referred to as"service terms") and "desknet's cloud secure browser terms of use ("hereinafter referred to as"secure browser").If the above matters and the matters stipulated in the service agreement are different, the above matters will be applied in priority.

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