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What are the advantages of the workflow system? Things to know before getting started

We expanded on the definition of workflow (document approval process), a document automation system that eliminates redundant and unnecessary work in a previous article. As many of you may already know, workflow systems have the advantage of turning paper-based document submissions into a digital workflow that is easy to use by anyone. Help speed up and improve work efficiency. So what are the obvious advantages? In this article we will focus on "The advantages of using the workflow system". Workflow advantages (1) Reduce filing and approval time. The benefit of filing approval forms with a workflow system is that you can save time and visualize the entire process.

What format is your company currently using? Currently using a paper authorization request form. Or use a method to attach files like Excel to send via email to the boss ? If you're doing that You may have experienced the worry of not knowing your progress when submitting an approval form, such as “Has the boss read it?” or “Who is the approval pending?” paper It may take some time for shipping and storage.

With a workflow system, what applicants must do is very simple. Just choose a form of approval form, such as leave request, disbursement request, and fill in the information in the form. The information will be automatically forwarded to the approver. Although the approval path differs depending on the content of each form, the workflow can be routed. and automatically sent directly to the responsible approvers Thus reducing the time to consider the documents considerably. It allows you to quickly understand situations such as “who is awaiting approval right now?” or “how many steps are left until approval is complete”, reducing interruptions and missed work. Advantages of Workflow (2) Accelerate the submission of approval requests and payment The most interesting advantage of using a workflow system is that “wherever you are”, documents can be submitted and approved instantly through the system. You can work from home or work remotely with a system that works with tablet devices and smartphones. If the approver travels to work outside the premises You don't have to worry about payment interruptions. It also prevents document dropping. If you use an alert function that will let your approvers know that a request is pending approval. In the event of a mistake in the authorization form An error will be notified and can be corrected before sending. Therefore, it has the advantage of reducing the return of documents.

Advantages of Workflow System (3) Able to control internal work The workflow system will execute the approval according to the specified path. It has the advantage of reducing fraud and tampering. In the workflow system, authorizations outside of the specified paths cannot be performed. and cannot be submitted by anyone other than the original owner. This helps prevent internal fraud, such as forgery of authorization forms. Impersonating an approver and making an authorization on your behalf without the authorization of the person in charge, for example, increases compliance with more stringent requirements. Can control internal work effectively.

In addition, data stored in the workflow system allows to review and manage the history of approval submission data. Able to apply for various payments, making it easier to control internal work. Reduce the process of creating documents for review. The advantages of the Workflow (4) system support a variety of work styles, such as remote work.

In this era where working from home has become commonplace. Are you still going to the office just to get your company stamp and sign? With a workflow system, you can take action from your tablet or smartphone without the need to travel to the office for approvals or approvals.

Once the authorization form and passbook are in the cloud, you can review the authorization information. or other historical data from places other than the Company has This is very useful for collecting data during remote work. What are some things you should know about using the Workflow system? There are many advantages to using a workflow system. however If you don't choose the right system for your organization. You may not be able to take full advantage of this system, so here are 4 points you need to keep in mind when choosing a workflow system. 1. Does it match your existing business processes? Are you planning to build a new business process from scratch based on a workflow system? If the business process has changed too much. It can be confusing for real users. Choose a workflow system based on current business processes. And focus on the ability to adjust the system to be really usable and not too forceful. 2. Is it a system that is easy to use for everyone? Processing requests and approvals are smoother, but if the workflow is too difficult to use May not be used by real users. The workflow system should be selected from the point of view of the administrator. And the view of real users that they can easily apply for approval and get approval? Is it convenient to use? 3. Can it be used in conjunction with the system that is in use? If you have already used other systems such as HR or payroll. It's a good idea to check if the workflow system under consideration is compatible. If the same data must be entered in multiple systems, the benefit of reducing unnecessary workload will be lost immediately. It's important to have a concrete workflow approach. can actually visualize the operation

In this article, we've introduced the advantages of using a workflow system in order to make the most of it. It is essential to choose a system that fits your business processes. and easy to use Keep in mind that implementing a workflow system is not the primary purpose. Please consider the workflow system to be used. can be used continuously And how much is a tool that can help increase the efficiency of your organization's work?

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