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Implement a workflow system to reduce the wait time for approval and increase productivity by Apps.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Using a workflow system to automate filing and approval tasks is a big plus. When complex tasks are organized into a system The burden of caregivers will be reduced. But this is not the only advantage of using a workflow system.

In this article, we will introduce the advantages of workflow system from the "applicant's point of view". Tablets and smartphones You will be able to continue to increase your productivity. Companies that have not yet implemented workflow systems are still working in vain.

  • Approval path verification work divided by application content and send it along that route

  • Checking the progress of applying for approval by telephone

  • The approval work stops when the approver travels to work outside the premises.

  • or vacation If an error is found during the approval request It is necessary to submit a new document from the beginning.

  • These things may be commonplace, but at first glance they are futile and “invisible” tasks. You didn't notice

Have you ever missed a business opportunity being overtaken by a competitor because of too late decision making? And the approval that was only half a day late made the collection a mountain of work. The fact that seeing the boss's appearance was so busy that it slowed down the conversation. Or giving up in the first place because you think that even if you submit an application now, it won't be in time. The problem of delays in filing-approving documents that have accumulated more and more. It affects motivation and productivity that we may not even be aware of.

Implement a workflow system to increase flexibility. and reduce the time for filing – approve documents

  • Automatically select an approval path

  • The notification function will notify you when an approval job has occurred. It can help reduce wasted time

  • You can see the progress of your approval application at a glance. and prepare to cope faster

  • The approver can reply from the application. Even if they are outside or are working from home

  • When using the approval form format error will be reduced Due to incorrect forms will be rejected.

By using the previously mentioned “Invisible Tasks” workflow system. Most will be improved and better. You will be able to see at a glance how far your application has progressed. Easier to see management, such as predicting progress until the final decision. or it will be easier to talk to the approver, etc. Also, because you can see how much you're concentrating on your work. The workload of the Applicant in reviewing the Approval Path is reduced. Makes working improvements much easier. More convenient when workflow systems and applications are linked. If you use a workflow system with the application installed on your tablet or smartphone. You will then be able to apply for approval and make external approvals. Approval can be submitted without having to wait for the approver to come back to the office. This will speed up the work process. It also reduces the need to travel to the office just to submit an approval form. This allows for more flexible working styles.

In addition to filing – approval of documents Other useful functions are also available within the app, such as managing schedules and sharing information for internal contacts. no matter where you are You can communicate as if you were in a company. And because it is linked to the workflow, there is no task redundancy.

This workflow system and application make it easy to create an ergonomic environment. reduce useless work and help you focus more on your own work. Increase sensitivity of submissions – approve documents with an easy-to-understand workflow system. By using the workflow system and linking it to applications on tablets and smartphones. Work can be smoother and wait time for approval can be reduced. Help prevent mistakes caused by human labor. And also increase the efficiency of work as well. It's like hitting two birds with one stone.

In many companies implementing a workflow system may be the opinion of the system administrator. But it turns out to be a huge plus for those applying for approval in action. If we can reduce the waiting time for approval and reduce wasted time May result in more efficient working results than today.

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