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The time-in-out function of the workflow system can help “reduce work” and “improve work patterns”.

If you aim to increase productivity Intend to automate the filing – approval of documents using a workflow system. Managing time in and out of work is left to the workflow system. Then switch to use the function to manage time in - out of work. This will greatly reduce the workflow and time. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the time-in-out function of the workflow system? This time we will introduce to everyone.

Do you know the time and labor required for time card management? Going to clock in at work in the morning. It is a convenient system for users. But it takes a lot of time and labor to come to a conclusion. ・

Enter attendance information of time card, insert it into Excel

・Check for early departure, late arrival and overtime

・Check against each user's filing of documents such as Applying for vacation

・Check with the real person If there are any obvious flaws or spots,

deal with HR and accounting departments, store and manage past timecards.

Entry-Exit records stamped on timecards are included in Excel and are calculated as salary and hours worked. It is also managed jointly with other parties such as HR and Accounting.

Overlapping unseen tasks also cause tasks to become more complex, such as waiting for a written approval request form from a higher-ranking approver. like a leave request form or early return request form Combining the results to compare the information in - out of work. If the content of the approval request is flawed, it must be checked with the real person.

in the past few years There are many companies that prioritize work-life balance. and is strictly controlling overtime.

However, if managing attendance with a time card It would be difficult to see all the overtime hours in the middle of the month. And as a result, countermeasures are difficult as well. and because they can be stamped interchangeably Counterfeiting and fraud are also possible. But these problems can be solved by using the workflow system. What can I do to manage time in and out of work using the workflow system? In the case of attendance management using a workflow system, what kind of functions are there? ?

・Stamping and amendment of attendance information

・Approval form for late or early departure

・Paid leave form

・For overtime work Off to work on vacation

・Replacement holiday request form Compensation vacation

・Overtime check

When using the workflow system, the timestamp for work attendance is converted to data. No need to waste time collecting them yourself. In addition, edit requests and vacation requests are handled by the same system. So there is no need to check. It saves a lot of time.

Because you can quickly check your month's overtime hours. It's easy to deal with early on, such as reviewing job content and allocating new recruits. Benefits to be gained from using workflow management (for administrators) ・Reduce data entry tasks Increase efficiency and reduce errors ・Easier to compare approval forms and time cards ・Paperless operation (Reduce the use of paper) reduces labor and management costs. In the case of managing attendance of part-time employees and temporary employees Equipment for receiving and transmitting data must be prepared. to manage time in and out of work at the job site and there is an initial cost to be incurred for using the system Paperless operations reduce fixed costs in the long run, such as paper and storage costs. Eliminating the data entry task not only reduces the data collection time. It also prevents human errors such as typographical errors. and because they cannot be stamped interchangeably thus helping in compliance with the requirements of the organization as well.

Benefits to be gained from using workflow management (for employees)

・When arriving late or leaving early No need to contact by phone or email

・Forms can be created and approved within the system. workflow

・You can stamp from outside. or from home

Have you ever had trouble because you couldn't reach your boss on the phone when you were late or needed a sudden break? Even if you sent an email But there may be some that you are worried or unsure. “Did your boss read it yet?” in the case of the time attendance system. This is because the approval request is made using a data entry form. make no need to contact And of course, there is no way to miss it

. You can also record the time from a tablet or smartphone. Even working off-site or working at the customer's site Therefore, it has the advantage of being able to see the working situation accurately. in line with the development of working styles Although working modes such as WFH (Work From Home) and Flexible Working are more flexible, But it is still difficult to understand the hours of work of employees.

In addition to calculating flexible working hours Creating a time-stamping environment that's convenient and work-friendly, even when you're working from home. This will lead to promoting the development of good working styles. More convenient by integrating with existing systems If you use a time management system - check out. Let's try to link the usage with the personnel system. payroll system and the statistical system System integration will cause the data entry workload and the time spent was greatly reduced. and will lead to further improvements in the work before integrating the system together It must be checked first whether the system in use can be easily integrated. when using multiple systems together The mechanism will become more complicated. It may take time and money to maintain and optimize the system.

You can see how much time and labor required for time card management. This can be reduced by using a workflow system. Let's say it takes 10 minutes to integrate one person's attendance data. If you were to gather 50 people, you could reduce your working hours by 500 minutes, roughly equal to 8.5 hours.

If you are considering simultaneous use of a time attendance system with a workflow system, it is recommended to choose a system with workflow functionality in the time attendance system to reduce the complexity of the integration. Let's try to use a system that is easy to use, convenient, not complicated.

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