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Introducing 5 great WORKFLOW functions that every organization needs

By using the functions of the workflow system, complex tasks can be transformed into automated systems. resulting in more efficient work We know it will make work easier. But there may be some people who still can't imagine what it is, right? If you understand the "function" more concretely. You will be able to use it in your organization smoothly.

Therefore, in this article we will introduce “Functions of the workflow system” that are nice to use. Try to read while imagining the use of images together. Workflow function (1) Authorization form creation function [Requirement Level ★★★] This function is a function to create an authorization request form. You can customize the form from the templates in the workflow system yourself.

[ Features ]

  • Since there are already templates available. Therefore, there is no need to create your own approval request form from scratch. Applicants will be more convenient to use by using GUI (pull-down options, push buttons, etc.)

  • Past application history can be searched and reused.

  • If you add attachments and annotations columns Will be able to submit additional content such as other necessary files. or a separate statement when submitting an application at once It also makes it easier to find approval forms than paper approval forms.

Workflow function (2) The function defines the approval process. [Requirement Level ★★★]

WORKFLOW is a function that makes the flow or the approval filing process is automated

[ Features ]

  • The approval filing process can be set up to match the current workflow.

  • Supports routing with different authorizers. Depending on the product or amount

  • Process the situation into a visible form. You'll be able to quickly see the progress of your submission.

The workflow will automatically route and reject any unusual approval forms. Reduces time spent on reviewing invalid authorization forms. and reduce return time due to incorrect filing paths.

When you can check the progress of the application and approval. It is clear where the process is interrupted. and who is responsible

In addition, even if there is a change in the organization system or personnel change It can be easily managed by modifying the workflow system, preventing errors in filing the wrong path. Reduced data entry errors and dropped. workflow function (3) notification function [Requirement Level ★★☆]

It is a function that helps to send notifications to target people when there are tasks that need to be performed, such as notification to department heads when subordinates submit approval forms . Reminder when submitting an application upon approval or when returning

・ Easy to manage and monitor on the go. As it can be operated via a tablet, smartphone or PC

・ You will receive an email notification or a pop-up on your device screen. Even if not at the office Approvers can approve immediately when notified. so forgetting to approve is less likely to happen. It also allows for faster approvals.

Workflow functions (4) Functions linked to other systems. [Requirement Level ★★☆] You can improve business efficiency by linking the workflow system to the system that is currently being used work better. Information is automatically displayed in several sections. Even with a single data entry, data can be entered and exported as a CSV file. By linking with other systems, data entered in each department is automatically imported. This reduces manual data entry operations and reduces human error. In the event that it cannot be linked automatically Data from CSV files can also be used, adding more versatility to use. workflow function (5) management function [Requirement Level ★★★] This function enhances the internal control of the company, for example, adding data entry in accordance with the organization's requirements. Prevention of internal fraud, etc. [ Highlights ] ・Enhanced security By eliminating paper storage ・enhancing compliance Paper cessation eliminates the worry of loss. and reduce the problem of managing the document storage location In addition to automating the filing path It also prevents tampering with the approval path and submission content. Since data and approval paths can be managed within the workflow system, they can also be used to create documents for internal control audits.

And here are 5 useful functions of the workflow system that we would like to recommend. In business applications, desknet's NEO is not just a workflow, it also has scheduling functionality. Customer database management function and many other functions that help organize the whole business. Including a function to help increase work from home (work from home) is also available. Ask for more information. and get a 30-day free trial here.

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